How To Get Started Again With Your Guitar Playing After Not Playing For A While

By Joshua LeBlanc

Many of the students that I teach guitar to tend to be players that have taken time off from playing guitar for one reason or another. The toughest part about “taking a break” from playing guitar is that it can be tough to get back to where you were before you took a break. This article is created with the thoughts of how to get you back to playing and enjoying your guitar as soon as possible.

Review Where You Currently Are

The first thing you need to do is figure out where your guitar playing is. A good habit is to keep a journal of your playing progress so that you can refer to it when there is a break in your playing. Doing this will help you not only keep track of where you are, but also help you to see how much progress you have made. This will also help you from wasting time thinking that you may not know something or never worked on something before.

Don't Expect To Be At The Same Level You Were

Fairly often, getting back into playing guitar is a similar feeling as to riding a bike again for the first time in a while. You may remember a few songs with some gaps in your knowledge, or you may find that some chord changes or scales that you were able to do before aren't as good as they were prior to you stopping. While this can be a source of frustration, the good news is that it won't be difficult to get back to where you were. The first thing you need to do is remember that you need to give yourself time to redevelop the coordination that you had prior to your break from playing. You're knocking the rust off of your hands in order to remember the movements needed to play your guitar properly.

Correct The Reasons That Caused You To Pause Your Playing

Most often, players give up playing guitar because they get frustrated by a perceived lack of progress, boredom with their current level of playing, or just a lack of fun with playing guitar. All of these reasons are able to be remedied, however you want to make sure that you know the proper solution. One way to figure this out is to write out the reasons that you stopped playing your guitar in the first place and see if you can figure out a solution to those reasons. For musical reasons seeking out a qualified guitar teacher could be the solution that you need.


Joshua LeBlanc is a performing musician and the owner of Lafayette School of Guitar which provides guitar lessons in Lafayette, La.