The Missing Key To Playing 80% Of Popular Songs Instantly

Everyone imagines that moment when they are able to hear a song on the radio and start playing it on guitar.

But what are the essential things you’ve got to get right before you are able to do this?

Most people struggle for years, learning off youtube, off tab. Feeling like they are just copying other musicians, without being able to ever play along to their favourite songs without sheet music.

While we’ve been able to teach many of our students how to do this, we realised the biggest thing that’s holding most people back in their guitar playing is the development of their ear.

Meeting struggling guitarists who come to our lessons, many of them wish they were able to play along with their friends or with a song when they hear it. And they often think it’s just because of their guitar playing.

I’m here to tell you that the missing key is ear training.

Without adequate ear training, you may be able to hear music, but you won’t be able to dissert it to play it on guitar.

It’s like learning a language when you are a child – you may know the sound “fox”, but you won’t be able to spell it, unless you know – F, O, X, makes up that word. And then know how to write those letters down.

It’s the same on guitar.

When you hear a song – you may think, this sounds happy and I’m really enjoying this. But you don’t know how to identify the key of the song. Or how the chords are used to make up the song.

On top of this – you then want to know how to play those chords on the guitar.

Though you see – being able to play the chords is only one part of the mystery.

Most people think that you need talent or perfect pitch to be able to play songs instantly.

And actually, there’s only 1 in 10,000 people who have “perfect pitch” – the ability to identify notes in isolation to know that a A note is a A note.

For everyone else, you can develop relative pitch to help you to start being able to play songs by hearing them.

Having relative pitch will be able to help you work out how each chord is moving from one to the next.

Once you’ve learn your major and minor chords on the guitar. You can then start to play 80% of popular tunes that are out there instantly on guitar!

Ear training and developing relative pitch is something that takes training and for some people take a lot longer than others. This is something that in person lessons, we can help you identify your weaknesses and what’s holding you back from moving forward.

If you would like to find out more then get in touch with our guitar school in London. Guitar Tuition East London is a guitar school in London provides a holistic approach to learning guitar that helps you enjoy it, and develop a skill for life.